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Mission Statement~ Winner's Circle Center utilizes various therapeutic services including traditional counseling, canine-assisted counseling, equine assisted psychotherapy and equine assisted learning services to unlock the potential within each individual and assist our clients/students in finding the solutions to improve their emotional, academic, and social well-being.

Winner's Circle Center
seeks to provide individuals of all ages the skills they need to be successful.  Our clients include children, adolescents, adults, families, groups, teams and corporations.  Winner's Circle Center provides various services, including Traditional Counseling, Animal-Assisted Counseling and Experiential Growth & Learning activities.  While we provide these various services, our passion is children.
In past generations, the majority of children learned such basic skills as communication, feelings identification, perspective taking, sharing, respect cooperation, compromise and empathy prior to entering the educational system. Children learned these skills naturally within their family and community settings as well as through trial and error while interacting with other children at play.  Due to various environmental, cultural, and familial issues of today's generation, a significant number of today's youth lack the basic social, emotional, and behavior skills.  With advances in computer and cell phone technology and the financial necessity of long working hours for parents, many children 'play' alone at home for hours every day via chat room websites, texting or computer games.  Face to face time with peers is no longer the norm as children grow up. 

Unfortunately, many of today's youngsters are entering school without the basic social skill set of generations past.  This lack of social skills leave our children unable to successfully navigate the classroom, playground and community settings.  We at Winner's Circle Center refuse to believe that any child is lost or beyond help.  We believe that children, as well as adults, can be taught essential social skills and with therapy, will become successful and contributing members in the school setting, home setting and in the community.

  Winner's Circle Center, Inc. is located on the grounds of Herrbrook Farm, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Situated in Pequea Township just minutes south of the city of Lancaster, this unique property is a 19th century farmstead with over 20 acres of pastures, woods, and wetlands. Buildings on the property include the large bank barn, art studio, cottage as well as a large home with private entrance to a classroom space. Winner's Circle Center employs several miniature horses, ponies and large horses with diverse personalities and temperaments to meet the needs of various age groups and confidence levels.  We are also proud to offer the services of certified therapy dogs for counseling sessions and to assist students during acquisition of academic skills. 
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